Getting started and getting ahead at work


This is my first blog post. I feel like a new hire to a new company. Not sure where to start and how to begin but like all new hires.. in no time I hope to be a top performer!

This blog is about working in the corporate environment and how to really get ahead at work. It contains the secrets to getting promoted and advancing in your career. Too many websites and career advisors give advice as if you were in an ideal workplace with model employees but there is no such thing as an ideal workplace!

This blog shares with you what really works and what doesn’t when climbing the corporate career ladder. How to get ahead at work, real life ideas, tools and tips on ways to get promoted and how to do your job effectively.

I have been working for a large fortune 500 company for over 15 years. We have thousands of employees across the world. So I have learned a lot about getting ahead from my own experiences and watching others and want to share these secrets with you!


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