Getting ahead at work – friendships


friendships at work

The next part of fitting in is about friendships at work. You naturally will make friends from colleagues on your team or people from other departments. But there are a few key things to be wary of!

1. Don’t trust anyone. It’s fine to be friendly but remember this is a work relationship and at any time you could find this friend becomes your boss, or starts to compete with you for the same promotion. Plus they are also competing for attention from your boss. Things can get strained when that happens and sometimes could even lead to back stabbing!

Remember fellow employees aren’t working there for just the fun of it- they are there for the  salary, ambition and their lifestyle and when it comes down to it, they will do almost anything to protect that. This isn’t a pressure that non work friends will have with you. So always keep your colleagues at a  professional distance.

2. Be careful who you are seen with.  People judge you by those you associate with, so choose your “friends” from the in-crowd and high performers.  The office secretary may be very nice and friendly but unless you are also a secretary you don’t want to be seen spending too much time with her outside of work projects.  It is also a good idea to build a strong relationship with your boss as long as you remember rule 1 above.

At the same time, this is a popularity contest so it’s a good idea to be friendly but professional to everyone in the office.


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