How to get ahead with the new boss – the quick win


So you have a new boss or you are new to the job? Thats pretty stressful for anyone! So this tip is about what to do to get ahead with the new boss and keep your career progressing!

The key here is the quick win.  As you know from my previous posts on fitting in, most people make impressions really fast and so its important to make a good impression in a short period of time.

The quick win is less about how you look, and more about what you do. The key is to work out quickly what your boss thinks is important, what is important to him and his boss.

The only person who really matters most of the time at your work is your boss. Not the customer, not your colleagues, not the company. Its your boss. He/she will make or break you. He is your path to the higher up employees – he will talk you up or drop you down. So the second tip in this post – keep your boss happy above all.

And likely he will let you know whats important to him pretty quickly within the first few weeks. Those are the things he emails you about or asks you about. Or give a presentation about. They may not be what you think is important to do your job but that doesn’t matter. The quick win is about making him happy – and you need to do this quick win within a few months of working together. The more high profile the quick win is the better. Its about doing something he thinks is important/innovative and important to him – and makes him look good. And thats a key to getting promoted!


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