Quick tip – taking credit for others work

Busy busy today so thought I would share a single quick tip to help you get ahead.

Taking credit for other peoples work is unethical. But unfortunately its a way of office life.

A good boss will give you credit for your work – but good bosses are rare.  Chances are your boss takes credit for your work, at least in part – another reason you aren’t getting promoted.  And if he/she is a good boss maybe they will also take blame too – although more often than not they will pass blame to you! No wonder you aren’t getting ahead!

Todays quick tip – take credit as subtly as you can for others work. In a team situation, don’t say “Joan produced this”.. Say “we produced this/ we are working on this” or “here is this document that was produced” people will assume you did it.

Everyone else is taking credit – you might as well do it too!


One thought on “Quick tip – taking credit for others work

  1. There is another way to look at it. If your goal is to be promoted, it is true that your boss may be holding you back by not giving you credit. However, if your goal is job security, going along with the charade can work in your favor. Managers tend to hang on to people who make them look good.

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