Enough is enough


You may have been wondering.. where are all the office secret posts? Well I got stuck with a micromanaging boss last January and had 8 months of sheer hell. I employed all my techniques I explained in the last few blogs but she was really wearing me down.. I let it get to me.. as did my poor colleagues and it was affecting  our health and home life.

So I applied for a new job in the company and got it! In August I took a new role and life is looking much better! But not for the reasons you may think and thats what I want to share with you today.

So stuck with a micromanager? Three strategies.

  1. Find a new job – not so easy to do and quite stressful so..
  2. Stick it out – your boss may leave sooner than you think. If they are as bad as you think they may get demoted, or fired, or laid off. Or re-organized. My colleagues who didnt find a new job actually lucked out when the company did a reorganization and the horrid boss got moved to another department in  January 2017. So had I waited, she would have been gone. And I could have seen this coming – look around you and see if this happens in your company – but in my company its routine for people to get promoted every 18 months to 2 years.. so maybe all you have to do is sit tight and wait it our!
  3. Don’t let them get you down – remember for most of you this job isnt about world hunger, or war and peace. Its just a job. Sure it pays your salary but try not let it affect the rest of your life – take a step back and put it in perspective – and keep your ego in check. Its only 8 hours a day and then you can go and focus on what really matters – your family, your health. Just try not to get caught up in the job. If you can’t do this – see 1 and 2 above.

But this isnt what I actually wanted to share. My new boss is ALSO a micromanager! But heres the thing I learned from this.. to me its not the fact they micromanage.. its HOW they micromanage.

Old boss would give barking instructions at 3am on Saturday night by email and my blood pressure would  be high all Sunday. New boss buzzes me on IM during the workday and asks if its ok if I can send her this or that right now.

Old boss would review my work word by word and constantly edit it – and reply with comments by email. New boss asks for weekly updates on what I am doing, and detailed presentations… which she thanks me profusely for in person.. and still gives edits.

Old boss did give thanks but rarely- 1:1 so no-one else could see and it wasn’t sincere. New boss says thanks in front of a crowd so everyone knows I do a good job.

The difference is the new boss is much nicer about it.. more personable and thankful for it.. even though the micromanaging outcome is the same.  And although its not ideal, I am ok with it. Plus I bear #3 in mind!


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