Is your boss a slacker?


What does your boss actually do? The answer may surprise you.  It appears the higher up the management level that people go, often the less work they have to do. Meanwhile todays employees are buried in work. There are 3 ways this can happen

  1. The boss only manages people and doesnt have any projects of his/her own
  2.  Their role is to “strategize” but since this mostly happens at the initial stages of a project, then bosses can often find themselves with not enough to do apart from supervise when the project is running.
  3. They are lazy and/or see their role as “managing” not “doing”

This can cause you, the employee, a number of headaches – not just because you are likely overloaded and could do with them taking some of it off your shoulders.

Nor because you are a little envious.

But because a bored boss is often a micromanaging boss – who will create work to keep  themselves busy – extra HR forms, unecessary spreadsheets, projects that go nowhere.  Or in many cases when you do need them they can’t/wont help or are nowhere  to be found.

Where you can try and give the work back to them – as long as it doesnt mean extra work for you i.e. “Can you help elaborate on this?”, “I would feel more comfortable if you do this…”. I have found this tactic more unsuccessful than successful but its worth a try..

Also don’t let her take the credit for your work – offer to do presentations on your projects to senior management instead of her (if she is a true slacker she will love this). Keep up the good work and make sure everyone knows what you actually do and work on. And people will start to wonder what she actually does.


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