Quick thought – meeting duration

Explain to me..  I attend a LOT of meetings. At least 3-5 a day. And the vast majority last the duration of the time allotted.

Why? Are people that good at anticipating the exact time the meeting will last? To the minute? Obviously, calls can rushed to fit things in, or content pushed over to another call. But I think another thing is at play – knowing they have time, people fill it with irrelevant content!  Especially social people who enjoy meetings and may subconsciously artificially fill the time with chitty chatty… argh.

Then there is the meeting that starts “we will probably get through this quick and not need the whole time”.. I sigh when I hear that because despite the fact that I have enough experience to know better.. these meetings NEVER actually end early. Participants still manage to fill the time.. that person who just has another question.. or feels the need to talk about something separate from the meeting topic which is irrelevant to you!

Saw a recent article on LinkedIn that had a thought about meetings – think about how many people are on the meeting, and they approx salary, and duration of the meeting. Say a 2 hour meeting, 50 people.. $100 salary an hour. That meeting just cost you $10,000.  If you had to pay that money out from your budget.. would you? If the answer is no, then don’t set up that meeting!


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