Lunch and learn?

Ok maybe because its Monday and summer is over and I am having Monday blues. But today I was invited to a mandatory lunch and learn with my company.

“Lunch and learn”?

It was 12pm-1pm. There was no lunch provided by the meeting organizers. I have back to back meetings and so had no time to go grab my own food. And as I sit in the meeting, nobody brought food with them. Even if we had  brought food, its not easy when you are crammed into theatre style seating with no tables and brushing elbow with your neighbour who is upset by the strong smell of your tuna… So we just sat and tried not to let our stomaches rumble.

No lunch.

And what meeting doesn’t have “learning” involved in it since someone will be sharing some  information of  some sort?  But  unlike lunch and learns of the past, this wasn’t a useful training session where you learn new things of value to your job.. it was just another powerpoint presentation on normal business.

No real learning either.

“Lunch and learn” seems to me to be justification to simply hold another boring meeting over your lunch time.


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