Work encroaching on personal boundaries

Just got off a call where my boss’s boss, told the whole organization of over 75 people, that it was their job description to post the company’s programs on their personal linked in and twitter social accounts.

This follows on from my boss telling me earlier in the week to record something on my iPhone. It was mandatory and had to be on my iPhone.. also personal equipment.

Can companies mandate you to use personal property for work uses? Isn’t this tantamount to telling me to give my friend’s and family’s email addresses to the marketing department? Or requiring me to put a sales sign on top of my car and on my lawn?


One thought on “Work encroaching on personal boundaries

  1. This doesn’t seem right to me. My company has certain requirements about decorum when we post on a site where we associate ourselves with the company name, like LinkedIn. It sounds like your employer is looking for free marketing.


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