New for the new year

Its a new year at work. I have noticed in my almost 20 years at the company that a few changes often happen around this time which are apparently critical to the business, and to the success of the company. If you are new to your company, or a new manager, or simply along term employee like me with the “back to work blues”, the below is important for you to consider to be “successful”.

  1. A new internal logo or group name.  Creating either or ideally both of these each  year is believed to inspire staff and help the group align better to business and market needs. Bonus that the person who came up with these gets a high five and lots of kudos for creating this. It takes the last month of December for him to do this strategy which is always a nice rush, and then the staff take 6 months to update everything with the new name and logo.  When he leaves (in 2 years) the new person can do this all over again. This doesn’t seem to align with any significant changes in strategy or process. Buy hey, sometimes there are free trinkets with aforementioned new logo/group name on it which are always useful.
  2.  A new mission statement.  Again to motivate and keep staff on track. Takes months to create, especially all the marketing materials and flyers and posters and employee communications around it. Its very secret though.. can’t have people knowing about the statement in advance. Usually it has a few “planks” which consist of some fancily worded re-worked versions of grow revenue, cut costs, differentiate the business plus more individual ones like being a team player, innovative or motivated.  Staff have to be sure to throw these “planks” into conversation and slides on a regular basis, as well as weave into any goal planning documents. Easy to do though since the overarching concepts don’t change year over year.
  3. Training the new management. Every 18-24 months many managers in my company switch jobs and new roles are created for senior management. Staff tend to stay unchanged although with frequent downsizing, there are less staff than there used to be. No changes to management however. And the company gets increasingly top heavy. Anyway new managers/roles means staff training the management on what they do, why they do it etc etc. This can take 6-12 months until new management understands the business division. Then they stay for another whole 6-12 months before moving on and the process is repeated. Assuming staff’s roles/work is essentially unchanged, staff can save time by creating a templated slide deck to pull out when needed and simply changing the date as well as adding the new logo/mission statement planks as per 1 and 2 above.


Does this sound like your company or is it just mine?



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